June 2022 Quarterly Report

kasahorow defines a number of measures to track progress monthly across the languages we work on. For each language, these include:

  1. Inclusion: each language magazine maintains 200 or more active readers (maximum value of 120 FNC per language)
  2. Quality: each language dictionary catalogues 2000 or more entries labelled with the correct word class (maximum value of 30 FNC per language)
  3. Availability: each language publishes 30 or more bilingual dictionaries with other languages (maximum value of 30 FNC per language)
  4. Repairs: each language addresses 30 or more pieces of user feedback (maximum value of 90 FNC per language)
  • The total performance on these measures for March 2022 was FNC10 486.14.
  • The total performance on these measures for June 2022 was FNC4 146.32
  • This means that there was a 60.5% decrease in performance over the quarter (from a 33.9% increase the previous quarter). This change can largely be attributed to the change in our sustainability model and the way we are now tracking this value.

Performance of the kasahorow Measures by Region

Region   Active Languages (from previous quarter)  March 2022       June 2022        Change (%)
Africa 70 (-) FNC 8,212.06 FNC 2,118.84 -74%
Europe 16 (-3) FNC 1,087.17 FNC 1,067.02 -2%
Asia 20 (-) FNC 1,186.91 FNC 960.46 -19%

How Our Language Managers Feel

Our quarterly language manager survey helps us understand how secure our language managers feel. Feeling secure means we are able to keep and manage relationships and work through challenges by communicating without fear or anxiety, thus making kasahorow a functioning productive environment. We saw a slight decline in the number of positive responses, with 88% of managers indicating that they felt secure and supported at kasahorow (an decrease of 8% from our previous survey). This aligns with the recent change to our sustainability payment model. Comments that we received indicated that language managers would like more support to improve their metrics and more communication to understand changes, which is a focus area for our Regional Managers.

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