Creating Safety Programme Pilot Project Update #1

We recently shared our vision for our Creating Safety Programme and introduced our Creating Safety Programme Manager, Asiwome Bonuedi. The project has gotten off to an exciting start, with the completion of the first phase of our pilot project.

We conducted 98 interviews with inmates across four facilities in the Greater Accra Region and the Eastern Region of Ghana. 38% of the completed surveys came back with a disorganised / fearful-avoidant attachment style, 31% were anxious / preoccupied, 17% were dismissive / avoidant, and 14% were secure. Our goal is to follow up with the inmates who would like assistance in moving towards a more secure relationship style to see how we can best support them.

The interviewees were given kasahorowā€™s emotional dictionary, which was developed as part of our creating safety programme to assist with restoring safety in relationships.

Because we received such a positive response from the participants, we are now aiming to expand the project to 1 000 inmates from facilities around Ghana to see if the 38% disorganised attachment style rate will hold and to see how this programme can best support those seeking a more secure attachment style.

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