kasahorow’s Creating Safety Programme

kasahorow recently welcomed Asiwome Bonuedi to the team as our inaugural Programme Manager for the kasahorow Creating Safety Programme. Asiwome studied social work and sociology at the University of Ghana. She was intrigued by the work we’re doing using attachment theory to help people form secure attachments in their communities and use tools to restore safety in these relationships.

Her focus will be on rolling out the programme in Ghana, where she lives. “I’m excited to work in a social field. I believe that mental health is hugely underrated on our side of the world. There is much to do.” Asiwome would like to help people feel comfortable with the idea of talking to someone and working through their issues. Something that many people are not used to.

She has first hand experience using the tools in her personal life to help repair relationships. In her previous place of work, she noticed a colleague who was acting out and was able to identify what was making her feel unsafe and give her pointers to bring her back to a place where she could relate securely again.

Even in her own marriage, she has found the tool useful. Taking the attachment style quiz with her partner, they were able to discuss his early relationships and see how these shaped the way that they relate to one another and what made him feel unsafe. This understanding builds a foundation for learning how to create a safe space together where both people can be open.

Asiwome will be involved in our pilot project running the attachment questionnaire with inmates at four correctional facilities in Ghana and using kasahorow’s emotional dictionary to help restore safety in their relationships.

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