The kasahorow Process

We started in Ghana, so a lot of our work started with the needs of languages near us emotionally. With this experience we have come to see a pattern to our work.

Our process for spreading inclusion in every language is always evolving. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Consent: We receive a request from a language speaker (of English, for example) to support their journey of inclusion in a different language (like Akan, for example):
  2. Gratitude: We document the simplest structure of the language that allows a new learner (of Akan) to make a native speaker (of Akan) feel appreciated.
  3. Relationship: We strengthen the relationship between a learner (in English of Akan) and a native speaker with published material (like an English-Akan dictionary).
  4. Growth: We go back to start the same journey for another language pair (e.g. Akan-Hindi).
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