KASAHOROW Decides: KAE - Adding a Revision Dictionary for SUA Subscribers

Decision: Creating a revision dictionary which will allow SUA subscribers to revise their learning

Date of Decision: December 2022

Decision Maker: KASAHOROW

Target Group: KASAHOROW dictionary users

Reason for Decision:

We have been looking at ways to improve our dictionary users' vocabulary growth experience. We believe two of the keys to learning about a new topic are consistency and repetition. With this in mind, we are introducing an experimental revision dictionary.

The dictionary will allow our users to consistently receive language learning content, even when they aren’t receiving new material. Users will be able to revise previously learnt words, helping to reinforce and inculcate what they already know.

We’ll pilot our new KAE dictionary (the word ‘kae’ means ‘to remember’ in Akan) with a few volunteer languages and hope to expand this as 2023 continues. Subscribe today if you want to start your language learning journey or give us feedback by emailing

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