Subscribe To Learn: An Inclusion Journey of African Languages  in 2023

The year 2022 was a great year for international collaboration and language learning. African languages are becoming more and more inclusive. The global language train is moving and everyone should be on board, which is why in 2023, kasahorow is launching the *Subscribe to Learn a Global Language* campaign, where African languages will further join the trend of globalisation through cultural and language inclusion.

Learning an African language has become important and what better way to start joining this trend.

Where can you start? Well, right here!

KASAHOROW is a non- profit organization with a mission to promote inclusion through languages. Join us on our journey and help us achieve our inclusion goals.

Whether you want to connect with a culture, or your business or education needs you to get more engaged in African languages, we have the resources to help. Just click to subscribe and the door to learning an African language will be opened to you.

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