KASAHOROW Decides: From 'modern' languages to 'kasahorow' languages. Why are we rebranding?

Decision: Changing ‘modern’ languages to ‘kasahorow’ languages

Date of Decision: November 2022

Decision Maker: KASAHOROW

Target Group: KASAHOROW dictionary users

Reason for Decision:

You might have noticed that we refer to existing kasahorow languages as ‘modern’. For instance, Yoruba was previously called Modern Yoruba, referring to the way kasahorow represents the language.

However, while we recognise that our tactic for creating inclusion in a language is still to modernise the language, we believe that kasahorow is one of many contributors to the modern version of any language.

This acknowledgement of our role as a contributor to the development of inclusion in every language has prompted the change in our naming convention. So going forward, Modern Yoruba will become kasahorow Yoruba, a change which will filter through to our dictionaries for sale, referring more specifically to our contribution to modernising the language.

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