Streamlining our Metrics

At kasahorow, we are always looking at ways to improve what we do. We also want to ensure that our remuneration model remains fair and our language managers are motivated.

We recently decided to update our metrics for remuneration, by removing low performing metrics and shifting their allocation to higher performing metrics. This means that we removed the metric for resolved problems and merged this with our dictionary pairs metric, and we also removed our reviews magazine metric and merged this with our Sua subscribers metric.

The remaining metrics are:

Inclusion: each language magazine maintains 200 or more active readers (maximum value of 120 FNC per language)
Quality: each language dictionary catalogues 2000 or more entries labelled with the correct word class (maximum value of 30 FNC per language)
Availability: each language publishes 30 or more bilingual dictionaries with other languages (maximum value of 30 FNC per language)
Repairs: each language addresses 30 or more pieces of user feedback (maximum value of 90 FNC per language)

We also hope that this change will streamline our metrics, making them easier to follow and manage.

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