January 2022 Newsletter

General News

Our inaugural newsletter brings with it an exciting wrap of what has happened within kasahorow during 2021, as we look ahead to a promising year of learning and growth.

2021 saw our vision of inclusion in every language take off. We revised our book prices to allow more people access to them, adjusted our language manager payment policy to make it more equitable, increased transparency through our quarterly reports and launched our internal system which allows language managers to monitor their metrics.

We also started work on our longitudinal study measuring inclusion in our communities. Our initial studies focus on gender and sexuality views in West Africa, as well as on attachment styles of inmates in Ghana.

We ended the year on a high note, with the announcement of kasahorow DE gGmbH, kasahorow’s German-registered entity, enabling us to spread inclusion faster in Europe.

Africa Report

Over the last 4 months, we have been working to increase all African language managers’ invoices to at least FNC 50.00. In September 2021, only 18 languages had a minimum manager’s invoice value of FNC 50.00, compared to a total of 36 languages in the last cycle of 2021.

We have also been working on publishing at least 5 reading steps in 5 localisations for all 65 actively managed African languages.


The African language manager who has shown the most growth is Candid Austine. She has consistently increased her invoice value over the last four months for three of the languages she manages from FNC 0.00 for Venda, Swati and Pedi to FNC 81.00, FNC 66.93, FNC 44.04 respectively. Well done, Candid!

Asia Report

kasahorow’s Asian languages have shown significant growth. Our Asian Managers are working well as a team to achieve their language goals. Our 18 actively managed languages have grown from a combined invoice of FNC 518.86 in September 2021 to FNC 884.53 in the last invoice for 2021.

12 out of 18 Asian Languages have reached an invoice value of FNC 30.00 every month in the period of evaluation. We have also very recently launched Vietnamese as one of our languages, bringing the total number of Asian languages being managed to 19.

Some key focus areas have been comments and feedback, corrections, trustee-manager interaction, response time to message and translation work.


Congratulations to Asad Nawaz, manager of the Panjabi and Urdu dictionaries, who has increased his invoice to FNC 66.71 for the last cycle of 2021.

Europe Report

Our European languages have shown steady growth over the last four months from 11 actively managed languages producing a total invoice of FNC 505.59 in September 2021 to 16 actively managed languages producing a total invoice of FNC 769.56 in the final cycle of 2021.


The language manager who exhibited tangible growth in the areas of comments and feedback, making corrections, trustee-manager interaction, response time to message, translation work and most importantly growth progression in invoice value is Teodora Rosu, the Romanian language manager who has raised her invoice from FNC 0.00 to FNC 37.94 over the period. Keep up the good work!

Thank you to all of our language managers, as well as to our trustees for all of the hard work that they have put in in 2021 to further kasahorow’s goal of creating inclusion in every language. We are excited for the changes and growth that 2022 will bring for the team.

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