Simplifying our Remuneration Model and Increasing Dictionary Usage

kasahorow has decided to trial a new compensation model for our language and product managers. We have simplified four of our original products into one that focuses on rewarding dictionary usage significantly more.

Our original four products that language managers were measured against were:

  • Training through the Baquwa online reading club: more than 150 words learned.
  • Dictionary sales across multiple countries: more than 3 dictionaries sold in at least 4 currencies.
  • Anokwale news: At least 10 news pieces on the kasahorow site have more than 50 readers.
  • How often the dictionary is used: more than 1000 dictionary entries looked up at least 3 times.

These products have now become:

  • How often the dictionary is used: more than 4000 dictionary entries looked up at least 4 times.

In addition to this, we have altered our dictionary sales product to make it more achievable. This has now become:

  • Dictionary sales: 1 or more bilingual dictionaries are available with at least 5 other languages.

Language Managers and Product Managers can now earn 4 times as much for the dictionary use measure. This will enable them to focus on improving the usage of their language dictionaries and simplifies our remuneration model, making it easier to understand. By reaching more users, we are moving towards our goal to improve inclusion in every language.

In order to earn the maximum amount for this product, managers should focus on increasing the number of words translated and imported into dictionaries and share links to encourage people to use their dictionaries.

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