kasahorow’s Equitable Language Management Policy

In order to reach our objective of creating inclusion in every language, we have adjusted our language manager payment policy to make it more equitable.

Who does this apply to?

kasahorow works with a number of Language Managers, who are responsible for translating words and proofreading articles in their language, as well as engaging with their language community. Instead of paying our Language Managers an hourly rate for their work, kasahorow now pays according to value generated.

How is value generated?

Value is measured by the addition of new content as well as the quality of the content. Each Language Manager has a metrics page, where they can view the value generated during the current month. Each kasahorow product has a target for the month and the value generated is calculated based on these targets being met.

For instance, for our dictionary product, the target is adding more than 400 nouns with the correct word class to the dictionary. If this target is met, the Language Manager will receive 70% of the maximum earnings for this product (the remaining 30% goes to the product manager and the managing trustees).

How will I get paid?

In order to ensure fairness, all of our Language Managers are paid the same rate. The rate is calculated in the US Dollar.

Language Managers are further incentivised to write their invoice emails in the language they have worked on. This helps us grow our language dictionaries.

There are a number of payment methods available so we can meet the needs of our Language Managers, regardless of where they are in the world. These include: Upwork, mobile money transfer (in Ghana), Ecobank Rapidtransfer (in Africa), Transferwise and Western Union.

How can a language manager maximize their earnings?

Language Managers can increase the value generated by their language by:

  • Adding new words to their dictionaries,
  • Increasing the use of the dictionaries and the readership of kasahorow’s magazine articles, song reviews and news articles by sharing links with their language communities,
  • and ensuring the quality of their published language dictionaries through collecting book reviews, proofreading, and corrections.

How do our Language Managers feel about our new model?

We recently conducted a short survey with our current Language Managers to understand how they felt about this change. From the feedback we received, the new model appears to be viewed favourably, with approximately 80% of respondents saying that they believed the payment policy was fair and would enable them to earn more.

In line with the feedback we received, we are also working on making these policies more transparent and easy to understand.

We are also seeing results from this new policy. We have seen an increase in payments to Language Managers and our number of actively managed languages has increased by 62% compared to a year ago.

If you have any feedback you’d like to share with us about our new policy, we’d love to hear it. You can leave us a message at the bottom of this page.

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