2013 kasahorow Fellowship

Fellowship Description

The kasahorow Fellowship provides a US$500 award for the study, promotion and development of indigenous African languages.

Applicants are required to detail the project towards which the Fellowship monies will be applied and furnish information about the project’s supervisor. Upon completion of the project, a report on the project must be submitted to kasahorow, which may be published or otherwise used to promote kasahorow’s mission.

The Fellowship can be applied to any project which uses written (African language) text. Examples include: writing a children’s book, developing localised software, starting an African language newspaper.


Any student in a tertiary institution in Africa. Applicants may be citizens of any country. (Proof of enrolment and confirmation from the project supervisor will be required before the Fellowship monies are disbursed.)


Deadline for submissions: 31 March 2013
Announcement of winner: 30 April 2013


Apply online at


For more information, please email Apply now