Keyboards Available For Download

One of our prime focuses has always been to create and promote African content. Writing digital content efficiently in an African language often requires the language's keyboard, which is why we started creating keyboard layouts for African languages for major operating systems.

We released these publicly in 2009 for Windows and Mac.

While our kasahorow keyboards have been very successful, you can now access keyboards for an even greater number of our kasahorow languages using Google's Gboard. If you have been using one of our kasahorow keyboards, we recommend that you install Gboards for Android or iPhone, as we will no longer support the kasahorow keyboard going forward.

To update to Gboard for Android devices, simply follow these steps.

To update to Gboard for iPhone or iPad, you can follow these steps.

Thank you for the support for our kasahorow keyboard over the years! Happy typing.

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