Modern Akan: A concise introduction to the Akuapem, Fanti and Twi language

"Modern Akan" is a modernized spelling system for the Akan languages of West Africa. This book contains an introduction to the grammar of the Akan language for the new learner as well as the experienced student seeking a refresher. It also includes a chapter on how to speak Asante Twi, Akuapem Twi, and Fanti--the three most popular Akan languages in Ghana.


This is the first serious attempt to modernize the written Akan language by describing 2 simple guidelines for introducing new words into the modern written language.
  • Import Guideline A - rare terminology: import wholesale e.g. physiology (from English)
  • Import Guideline B - popular terminology: spell using most popular phonetic rendition e.g. gyirafe (from giraffe in English)


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    • On page 39, "ahaawɔtwe" should be "800" and not "900"
    • On page 39, "kaw koro" should be "–1" and not "1"
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