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Akan Keyboard

Download: Akan Keyboard


Keyboard prepared with Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator ( Click the download link to download and install the keyboard.

Mac OS X

Download the kasahorow Mac OS X keyboard.

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux as of version 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) comes with the Akan keyboard.


  • Go to System -> Preferences -> Keyboard
  • Choose Layouts
  • Press Add... to add the secondary keyboard layout. Select Ghana from the Available layouts. Select Akan.
    NB: It is simpler to have two layouts; the maximum is currently four for Xorg.
  • Choose Layout Options
  • Expand option Group Shift/Lock behaviour
  • Choose the key combination that enables you to switch between keyboard layouts. The default is by pressing both Alt keys at the same time. A common alternative is to use Alt+Shift.
  • Press Close.

To add the keyboard layout indicator to your Ubuntu desktop bar

  • Right-click on empty space on the top panel so that you see the pop-up menu.
  • Click Add to Panel...
  • Choose Keyboard Indicator (it is under the Utilities section, at the end)
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