Day 0: Why don't you spell to aid pronunciation? Saturday. July 21, 2018


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Why don't you spell to aid pronunciation?
Why don't you spell to aid pronunciation?

We get this question a lot about the kasahorow spelling style:

- where are the diacritics?

- where are the tone markings?

- how can I pronounce this word correctly?

- prosody, where is it?

The short answer is that we write for easy reading by people who already speak the language.

We are very interested in adding many different pronunciations (male, female, child, location variants) of each word to our online dictionaries. If you can help speed us along, please email us at

The longer answer is that a kasahorow language is a written format that can be used to represent the speech of many residents from different cities and towns around the world. So the correct pronunciation of a word is whatever the hearer will understand.

More important to us is to avoid ambiguity in the written form. This means that we cannot write jokes that rely on ambiguity to be funny. We can write all other humourous forms though. Most of all, we have gained the ability to write African languages quicker. If you don't have to use accents, and special tone marks, you can write more with fewer keystrokes. With the speed you gain in composition, you can even write more words to explain something in more than one way. We think that's a great advantage!

Regards, Afia.
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