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Saturday. January 19, 2019

Hello Obi & family
My First Gikuyu Dictionary

Gikuyu for children!

My First Kikuyu Dictionary is a picture book for introducing your multilingual child to Gikuyu and English.

It has over 50 every day objects to point at and share with your baby. Daddy can teach in Gikuyu and Mummy in English.

Each every day object is also illustrated to help make the connection with the real world. You can let toddlers colour in the illustrations too. Older children can practice their writing skills by filling in the included workbook.

Discover the world in Gikuyu and English together with your multilingual child.

Suitable for children 0 to 7 years old.

Search My First Gikuyu Dictionary online at Waikeno.com

Regards, Esi Cleland.
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Teach #Luganda with pictures
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