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About kasahorow
About kasahorow

The kasahorow Foundation is a Ghana-based non-governmental, not-for-profit organization (Reg. No. G38-318).


Our mission is to give African languages speakers in the world freedom by modernizing African languages.


We look forward to the day when every African child can expand their understanding of the world around them in their first language.

How We Work

In order to achieve our mission, we work with named individuals called kasahorow Trustees.

kasahorow Trustees run annual programs which improve the welfare of Africa’s residents. Each trustee agrees a target for their program and is measured on it on a monthly basis.


The kasahorow logo is made up of the word "kasahorow" and a stylized fullstop. The stylized fullstop is an Adinkra symbol. The symbol is "Nyi a ɔ nnyim no sua a, ɔ hu" [If one who does not know learns, they know]. For us, this means that all things can be known if we are willing to learn. It is the pursuit of knowledge. We promote the pursuit of this knowledge in African languages.


kasahorow was first incubated by The GhanaThink Foundation in July 2005.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about kasahorow, explore our website, or send us email with your questions: help@kasahorow.org.

Regards, Afia.

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