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A Modern English language dictionary for young children: 0 to 9 years old. Look up simple English language words and translate between English - Akan, English - Swahili, English - Yoruba, today.

en>ak: swift
swift nom
swift phrase

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simple    skeleton    slept    smart    snowy    so    sob    soil    solution    sometimes    sorrow    sorry    speech    speed    spouse    stadium    statement    stepchild    stepfather    store    storehouse    strengthen    studio    stumble    subject    subjugate    suck    suffer    sulfur    sushi    susu    swift    syringe    tablet    tadpole    tanga    tattered    technique    teenage    teenager    teeth    temple    temptation    territory    text    th    that    that escalated quickly    the    therefore    thicken    thought    throughput    thyme    timetable    today    tolerance    tonight    toothache    topic    transform    transport    transportation    travel    tribute    trillion    ts    tu kwan    twentieth    u    under    understand    universe    unkempt    ununoctium    urbanism    vegetable    victor    village    virus    volume    voodoo    w    wake    walk    wallet    was    wash    watu    weekend    well    wellbeing    went    wh    which 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